Scent of Magic  (Healer #2) - Maria V. Snyder I love Maria V Snyder's books so was extremely excited to be offered this book to read and review. I hadn't read book #1, Touch of Power so I read the two of them back to back. I am happy to say I wasn't disappointed. Yet again, Maria V Snyder has created another interesting series that I cannot get enough of.

I loved the direction this book went in after the ending of the first book and that we saw the story from both Avry and Kerrick's point of views. As always, the peripheral characters are just as interesting as the main characters and just as 3 dimensional.

This series is not set in the world of Ms Snyder's previous books but instead she has created a whole new world that is rebuilding after a terrible plague. This second book continued the story created in book one, expanding on the story, the world and the characters and kept me completely in the story from beginning to end. And the ending... Once again book 3 cannot come fast enough.

I love stories with magic, strong characters, an interesting world and a captivating storyline and this book has all this. Another great series from Ms Snyder and I cannot wait to see what book #3 brings.

I give this book 4 stars!