The Night Circus - Erin Morgenstern I wasn't sure quite what I was expecting when I started this book and when I saw it started with second person present tense, I got a little worried as that would have to be my least favourite tense to read books in as it is very rarely done well. However after the short prologue, it changed to third person present tense so I breathed a sigh of relief and read on.

I am so glad that I did. I found this novel as magical, mysterious and captivating as the circus the story is about. With a 9 month old daughter and New Years celebrations, I was unable to read this book in one sitting (it took me maybe 3-4 days?) but every time i put it down, I felt myself almost counting down till I could get back to it.

As I said, it wasn't what I expected. The story kind of creeps up on you and casts a spell or illusion much like the main characters, Marco and Celia might create. While still grumbling about the second person present tense, I was unaware of the illusion being formed around me and entrancing me until I was at the end and felt like I had been released from a dream.

Erin Morgenstern's writing was gorgeous and clever and the way she put the story together was genius. Even the second person present tense had its place. Weaved in bits and pieces throughout the book, it helped tie it all together and form a link with the reader.

I am so glad I didn't put it down when I read those first few pages as I would have missed out on an incredibly magical experience.

I give this book 5 stars