Midnight Alley - Rachel Caine So I know this book has been out for a while and there have been another 7 books published in this series since this one but I am now just started reading the series so wanted to post my thoughts.

What I really like about this instalment in the Morganville Vampires series is that that we start to get a bigger and more in depth of the workings of Morganville itself and some of how it came to be which really adds to the story that Ms Caine is telling.

We also get to see the consequences of some of the actions that both Claire and Michael took in the last book The Dead Girls Dance and Ms Caine does well to show the effects of these decisions on not only Claire and Michael but how it affects their relationships with all the other characters - Eve and Shane especially.

Action and story wise there is still a lot happening in every chapter and while this book took me a little longer to read than the other two I suspect that had more to do with me than the book because once again Ms Caine delivers on a story you can get your teeth into - pun not intended :-P, characters who can identify with both good and bad, widening of our understanding of the town of Morganville and all that living in the town entails. Lastly, the twists that are constantly being thrown in mean you can never quite tell what is coming next and this instalment is no different. No sooner do you think nothing else can go wrong for the main characters of Claire, Michael, Shane and Eve then Ms Caine throws in yet another couple of twists and a cliff hanger meaning that you will be heading for the book store or library for the next instalments as soon as you manage to put this one down.

All in all an enjoyable read and yes i am already reading book 4 : Feast of Fools. I definitely recommend this whole series :-)

Sapphired Dragon xx