Spellbound - Cara Lynn Shultz I wasn't really sure what to expect when i started this novel. I has heard mostly good things and read the synopsis but when it started, I worried a little it miht turn out not much more than a Gossip Girl type story.

However I was pleasantly surprised instead to find a charming sweet story with that dash of supernatural in it that makes a story, at least in my opinion, so much more.

I guess having watched tv shows like Gossip Girl, it made may of Shultz's descriptions come to life even more and her descriptions made feel like i knew the locations well. However it was the characters that really made the story.

I liked the main character Emma, she was smart, witty and strong and Brendan made we want to swoon alongside Emma and the rest of the girls at Vincent Academy. The only characters I couldn't really get a handle on were Kristin and Anthony. Though I think was more to do with me necessarily than the writing.

Overall though this was a charming, smart, sweet story that had me pretty much hooked till the end. I definitely enjoyed it and thought it well worth 4 stars.

Sapphired Dragon xx