The Lost Prince - Julie Kagawa What an awesome start to a new series from Julie Kagawa. I always felt a little sorry for Ethan,kidnapped & terrorised by the fey then left behind by his sister (even if it was to keep him safe), I am so glad he finally got his own tale.

This book was every bit as good as the original Iron Fey series and I loved the mix of old and new characters. However it wasn't just a continuation. This a whole new adventure. From the first page I was again drawn in to the fey realm and remained there for the matter of hours it too me to read this.

Many first books in a series spend a lot of time setting up the series and not as much on the story. Maybe this is because we are already pretty familiar with the Faerie realm due to previous Iron Fey novels but I love that the main story of this book was a story in itself and resolved while still setting up the newest series in this world.

As mentioned before, I always felt sorry for Ethan and Julie Kagawa uses this at the beginning of the book to Gain Ethan more empathy as we find out what Ethan's life has been like growing up being able to see THEM and even worse...They can see him! Even though at 17 he presents such a tough front, all I could see was the vulnerable four year old inside who though he had never quite gotten over what had happened to him and has had to deal with the fey all his life has still managed to grow up with a clear sense of right and wrong and though he may not admit it to himself, a wish that no one lose he cares about or is even acquainted with gets caught up in the crazy warped world of the Faery. Due to previous history I was always going to love him but the way he is written in this novel made it that much easier.

Lastly, the plot line itself is intriguing and riveting as right from the beginning we want to know what this new menace is and why the fey exiles and half breeds are disappearing. Even better, what do find out is worth the wait!

Overall, this is awesome read. Some developments I did pick up quite early on but this did not impede my overall enjoyment of the book.

Julie Kagawa is at her best with this story. I give it 5 stars.